A Few Words on Your Destination Wedding in the DR… 

All 4TW events are custom designed and shaped around your specific style, taste and imagination.  We do not offer pre made “packages” and rarely encourage staying in all-inclusive resorts.  We do offer many options.  If you can imagine it, we can do it.  

The legality of a wedding ceremony is not indicative of its meaningfulness or its importance.  In fact, it is frequently easier and more economical to be wed in your home-country and celebrate a symbolic or representative ceremony here in the Dominican Republic.  However, if truly tying the knot in the DR is part of the romanticism that has drawn you to the idea of destination wedding, it is important to know the facts.

There are two types of legally binding ceremonies in the DR: Religious (Catholic) and Civil.  They both require similar amounts of work on your part in terms of paperwork and are comparative in cost.  It is a matter of personal preference.  Neither the Catholic Church nor the Dominican government discriminate on the basis nationality or religious affiliation.  If you have further questions in regards to the differences or our preferences, we are happy to answer them.

If just a little advice, a simple group activity or a catered meal is all you are interested in, please let us know how we can help.  If you are interested in more than that, there are a few basic questions, however apparently disjointed, that help us to quickly understand what your needs might be in the big picture.  Please comment on each item below when contacting us so that we have it all in one place. 

  • Magic wedding date?
  • How long do you plan to be in the DR for your wedding?
  • How many guests do you intend to invite?
  • What percentage of them do you think will come?
  • Have you picked out invitations?
  • Have you sent out save the date cards?
  • Civil or Religious ceremony?
  • Are either of you baptized?  If yes, what faith?
  • Do either of you have a connection, either past or present, with a church in your vicinity?
  • Have either of your been married before?
  • Do you have children with each other or anyone else?
  • How many will be in your bridal parties?
  • Do you have the dress?
  • Do you have colors?
  • What level of formality in dress are your interested in for the bridal parties?
  • What level of formality in dress for your guests?
  • You need one male and one female witness.  If you plan on having a bridal party beyond that, how many members will there be?
  • Photography, video?  Do you have someone for either?

More importantly than all of the above…please give us a brief description of the wedding that you have always imagined for yourselves.

In our opinion and experience, the beauty of a “destination” wedding is that you and your family and friends are able to get to know and enjoy each others’ company for more than just the 4 or so hours of ceremony and reception.  The following events deserve consideration: 

  • Arrival Party
  • Group Excursion/Activity/Dinner
  • Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner
  • Ceremony
  • Reception
  • Following-Day Brunch


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