Shameless Self-Promotion from Past Newlyweds & Family

We are happy to provide contact information for any of the following references.
DWHA Gold Award Luxury Travel Guide Award

We were thrilled with everything you did for us leading up to the day and the results showed.  It was the perfect low-key, but well organized day we wanted. Thanks so much.

Jill & Matt Ayers, Watertown, MA

Thanks Richard, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.  I've hit the ground running here and am just catching up on things.

Before I go further, I have to say that you and your crew did an amazing job.  We Canadians had an experience that was unexpectedly beautiful and wonderful.  You went above and beyond to create a wonderful wedding!  It appeared that the local people enjoyed the party as well.

You proved yourself to be hard working and trustworthy, I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.

Thanks again, a very grateful Mom of the bride,

Jan MacKinnon, Edmonton

To anyone that might be considering having their wedding in the Dominican Republic I highly recommend it . Especially if you have Richard Weber as THE WEDDING PLANNER . This wedding exceeded all of our expectations. We really put Richard to the test we had 4 parties over the long weekend and they were incredible . The staff friendly and willing to help in anyway ; the food delicious, and the flowers and decor over the top . The musicians and photographers right on . We really didn't know what to expect being out of the country , and now I just can't say enough about these events . The big Wedding Day , it was any brides dream.
Thank you Richard from the bottom of our hearts .

Les and Suzanne, Parents of the Bride, North Carolina

Thank you so much, Richard, for coordinating our wedding in Las Terrenas in June! We had an unforgettable time, and truly couldn’t wish for a better celebration. To anyone considering getting married in the Dominican, here is a true testimonial from one of Richard’s recent clients. If you want the short version: you’ve got to hire Richard J He’s simply The Best in this business and yes, totally worth making room for in your budget; he’s a class A professional with a team to match it, and you’re guaranteed flawless execution and peace of mind.

We started planning our wedding relatively late – six months before the date. Not having known anyone in the Dominican, we asked the Internet and came across Richard’s web-site. Seeing the good reviews, we decided to meet with him while on vacation there in December. We expected someone with a clipboard and a pack of brochures. Instead, we saw a super-cool guy walk up to us barefoot from the beach. Richard was very friendly and relaxed, and really knew his business (hence the relaxed part, probably J). He asked us to explain what we were after, and helped us adjust and optimize our plans, taking his experience into the account. Following the initial meeting, we continued to communicate remotely and exchanged probably over a hundred emails, planning and discussing every detail of our event. Richard was extremely patient, and took the time and effort to walk us through every little thing. At the end of the day, with his help we were able to get a detailed proposal and budget with everything broken down to the cost of a single fork. The wedding day was amazing and went without a hitch. Richard and his crew arrived the day before, and started to set up. They were able to do an absolutely incredible amount of work in a short amount of time and completely unobtrusively, in the background.  Stuff (decorations, gazebo, truss towers, etc.) seemed to have grown out of nowhere. The groom was enjoying a care-free game of soccer on the lawn with his men just two hours before the ceremony, while the finishing touches were being applied by Richard's crew, instead of having to put out fires. Another example that goes to show his professionalism and problem-solving skills: only later we found out that there was some difficulty with hanging of a large number of lanterns that we requested, due to venue setup. It took his team nearly 10 hours to place the lanterns alone. We never even knew this – we just saw the amazingly-lit dining table when it was time J. The ceremony setup, decorations, and catering were great and just what we wanted. Richard did a fantastic job managing the entire crew, all of whom were very friendly, courteous, and efficient. We can truly recommend him without any reservations, and in fact encourage to use his team if you want to avoid unnecessary worry and hassle on your wedding day J.

Ksenia & Ivan Medovikov, Toronto

My Dearest Richard ....

I'm already Missing your emails, the waiting of Basilia to answer back, and my running around!

Richard you did SUCH an Amazing & Beautiful job together with Casa Colonial, you truly out did yourself!!!   It was magical everything looked beautiful it truly exceeded our expectations...
WOW !  Is the perfect word.  I'm in a haze because I truly wanted to be so present which I was but, at some point I was lost in a dream.  THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts
So being there on such a special emotional day.  

Only one thing-  I can't remember if we took a picture with you ?!?!
PLEASE, PLEASE next time you are in NYC let's do dinner together with Faye & Franklin or We can host a Dinner Party at our apartment  for you, it will be my pleasure! 
You are now part of a Circle !!!!

Can't wait to refer you to another amazing couple.

With much Love & Gratitude

Francie Roman & Sandy Tlacuilo, New York, NY

Thank you so much for the incredible services you and your 4TW team provided. We truly do not believe it would have been possible without your assistance.

Your timeliness, creative touches, and attention to detail made our fairy tale wedding the perfect day.  The overall response from all of our guests has been "Your wedding day went off without a hitch", which all brides know is close to impossible, but you made happen.

Not only did you and your team make sure all of the details were spot on, that all of my guests arrived safely and on time, but you also made each and every guest and vendor feel so welcome and extremely well taken care of through out the afternoon and evening.

Thank you for giving Frank and I our perfect wedding; honestly, we could not have asked for anything more. You really are a very special asset to every couple and wedding you are a part of...

We already have a request to pass on your name/info for planning services for a wedding next year at Casa Colonial!

Thank you, Richard, for not only an  UNFORGETTABLE wedding, but also a smooth and relaxing wedding planning process. We look forward to seeing you in NY and at Claro Cafe when we return to DR!

Mr and Mrs Franklin Coronado, New York, NY

I just wanted to send you a personal saying how great everything was.  It really could not have gone any better - well, the very first hors d'œuvre that I picked off of the tray after the wedding could have not dripped sauce on to my shirt…but truly that was the only  misstep of the entire weekend.

The rehearsal dinner was out of this world – how you knew that I’ve always wanted to have entire roast pig for dinner at some point will forever be a mystery since I had never told anyone that. ;)  Honestly, it gave us a real feel for the Domincan, and made everyone feel like we were right at home eating in the comforts of the Velero resort.

Lauren and I should certainly thank Ted at Velero for recommending you to us. You guys make a great team and I cannot overstate how happy we are with our choice of location and wedding planner. Quite a few years ago, my dad and I were walking on the beach in Gaeta, Italy, a small resort town south of Rome, ten years after we moved away and I told him that one day I wanted to get married there.  Little did I know at the time that I would have found an even better spot to do so.

Rarely does reality meet the ideals of one’s imagination, but with enormous thanks to your planning and attention to detail, the ceremony did just that.  I know that it all went so smoothly because you were behind the scenes before we got there, while we were there and after we left taking care of the little details to make sure that all the big things went off without a hitch. 

Truly, not one detail was missed which showed on the bus to take everyone to Bliss, which picked us up bearing “Lauren and Mark” in stencil on the window.  While Lauren and I will always remember everything about those two days because everything was about us, everyone else still hasn’t stopped talking about the food!  What a nice location.  Andreas and Nara could not have been more gracious hosts.  We spent 10 more days in Italy and it was the best meal we had in our entire 21 day séjour!

I’m running out of different ways to say how fantastic the experience was – Lauren and I have never had a better time in our lives between getting married in the Domincan Republic and honeymooning in Sicily and Southern Italy.  We owe you and enormous amount of gratitude for so clearly taking a personal interest in our wedding plans and making it truly such an absolutely fantastic experience.

Mark Flannery (the Groom), Washington, D.C.

Sam and I would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for pulling together the most beautiful day of our lives (and by far exceeding our expectations!).

The thought of planning a destination wedding was an uneasy and scary place as everything is UNKNOWN. Soon after we started working with you all those worries were quickly put to rest as we found comfort in your extensive network, knowledge and savvy of the DR. My personal favorite thing about working with you Richard, you made every moment FUN! I think at times every bride-to-be can get bit stressed as things pile up but thankfully I had your reliable practicality and humor to guided me through with a laugh.

We really can’t thank you enough… when can we do it all over again? Ok fine maybe not the wedding part but the party?

Be sure to contact us if you and your beautiful wife are ever in Europe, you have a place in London!

Sending all our love,

Sam & Olivia Howson, London, United Kingdom

It has taken a little bit of time to come down from the week we had in the Dominican Republic and, to be honest, I would still love to be there on island time.  Now that we are back to normal life, we realize just how wonderful and perfect the wedding was.  My sister is still downloading pictures since she took around 1200 pictures and our son took about half as many.  We will have these to look back on and remember and talk about the marvelous time we had.  When people ask me how the wedding was, my answer is always "perfectly,stupendously, spectacularly gorgeous!"

For all of my worrying and fretting over the wedding, I couldn't have asked for anything more and those same words were spoken by the bride!  You were very patient with this mother of the bride and responded very quickly to all my concerns and questions as well as Lauren's. I'm not usually too much of a worrier, but when it comes to wanting everything to be perfect for your daughter, I found how demanding I could be.  Thank you for putting up with me!

Everyone was so impressed with all of the arrangements from beginning to end.  From the moment we arrived, checked in, found the gift you left for us, met Ted, and met you, everything fell into place.  We all enjoyed the welcome dinner, and Chef Victor prepared the most marvelous and beautiful meal.  The ambience of the restaurant was perfect and thoroughly enjoyed by all. Great choice, Richard!

The wedding day started out with my heart stopping because of the rain, but you kept reassuring me that you don't rely on what the weather is like until it is time for the wedding.  Right you were! The day was easy and relaxing, well, for me anyway!  After the dinner the night before, my anxieties ceased and I enjoyed the day except for worrying that Mark wouldn't stop kite surfing in time for the wedding!  Your choice of the hair dresser was marvelous,  She did such a wonderful job on Lauren's hair and the bouquet and flowers for her hair were beautiful.  You were right - no flowers or pergola were needed and the guitarist was wonderful.  We worried so for nothing.  The ceremony and food afterwards were perfect as was the garden area you showed my sister and me for pictures.  I am jealous of your view from your house!  This area made for gorgeous photos!

The reception was wonderful - food was perfect as was the restaurant.  If there was anything I would change about that was to choose the 5 courses instead of 7.  I think the amount of food would have allowed for more dancing and time to be up and around.  Every course was delicious so I would have a hard time deciding what to leave out!  We all had a good time dancing and it warmed my heart to see how much fun Lauren and Mark were having.  Lauren is pretty reserved so this made this mom's heart smile!

The scenery didn't hurt at all either!  What a beautiful place!  We also enjoyed so many of the places you recommended for dining.  That was very helpful! I would highly recommend Velero and its restaurant.  I would recommend Cabarete.  It was low key and exactly what Lauren and Mark had in mind.  I would recommend that everyone go to Bliss for dinner - marvelous!  And I would certainly without a doubt recommend you!  You made everything happen just the way my children wanted and that was all we could ask for.  You surely are a master planner who looks out for every detail.  I can't thank you enough for everything.  This mom still smiles every time I think of our trip and beautiful wedding.  You made it all perfect!

Brenda Graffeo (Mother of the Bride), Birmingham, AL

Look no further as Richard is absolutely the best wedding coordinator ever. We had no idea what we wanted beyond being in DR on the beach, let alone how to plan a wedding. Richard guided us through the entire process and took care of everything from beginning to end. He organized our intimate wedding of 24 people with utmost professionalism and respect. Yet at the same time, he treated us like old friends. He always took the time to address our concerns as well as consider things we had no idea we even had to think about. He has excellent communication skills and is extremely reliable. We never had any doubts that he would respond to our questions in a timely manner. This greatly put us at ease since we knew we could count on him. His attention to detail is like nothing else. He took care of every small detail while keeping the big picture in mind. He went above and beyond with any request that we gave him and handled all requests with grace and efficiency. He was respectful of our budget and wishes and suggested ways to maximize our ideas. Without a doubt, we owe the success of our wedding day to Richard and his crew. He turned our wedding ideas into reality. We cannot even begin to thank him enough for all his time and effort. He is truly an amazing person and we are so grateful to have had the pleasure of working with him. We consider Richard our new life-long friend. Thank you so much for being a part of our special day, Richard!

Anita Katona & Matt Greinert, San Francisco, CA

While this is a familiar refrain, it bears repeating: Richard was more than our wedding planner.  He helped us create our community by becoming a part of it.  Having an intimate wedding connects you to your guests (all of them) in a way that is more than just a show of support; it’s an agreement to care and be involved.  Richard made that bargain with us, and every person he brought into our community – Vaden, German, Chef – helped make our wedding weekend better than we ever imagined. We are so blessed and grateful that they agreed to be a part of our wedding, a part of our family. 

After returning from our wedding – in Kite Beach, one of the most beautiful places on earth - we were in a lovey, love, love haze, and so were all of our guests.  There were calls and emails from friends, pictures of paradise to load on Dropbox and Facebook, stories to tell, and funny moments to remember.  But more than all of that, Richard’s attention to detail and genuine care allowed us to have a several perfect days together, with the people we love.  We’ve already started a countdown to the five-year anniversary party!

Tiffany & Aaron Williams, Washington D.C.

My now-husband, Omar, and I live in Connecticut and a couple of years ago decided that we wanted a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic. We thought we would pick a wedding package at a large all-inclusive resort and that would be the beginning and end of our wedding planning process. However, when we looked into the large all-inclusive resorts and the packages offered, the con's outweighed the pro's and we determined that we wanted something different. The Puerto Plata province (including Cabarete and Sosua) seemed like an excellent ocean-front option for us. Through some internet research we stumbled upon Richard and his wedding planning services. We "interviewed" him and a couple of alternatives and there was no doubt in our mind that he would be our best option.

Throughout the whole process, Richard was very proactive and extremely responsive. He was always direct and honest on every topic. We exchanged 1,000s of emails over the course of a bit over a year. To this day, we are not sure how he keeps track of all of these communications and stays organized but we were repeatedly impressed by his memory of our various detailed discussions. His planning expertise, fluency in English and Spanish, American up-bringing combined with close to 20 years in the Dominican Republic, and extensive local network made the process go by very smoothly.

The end result was absolutely AMAZING - the private villa, the decorations, the table settings, the music, the drinks, the food cooked on-site... and even the weather! We are not very easy to please and have high expectations but we both felt like everything was just right. Our guests have told us that they were very much impressed with everything and enjoyed themselves. People who have seen photos from the wedding (professional by Hege Holt and ones taken by guests) say that everything looks wonderful. One component that is not evident from the photos but was very clear on the day of the wedding was how great Richard's whole team worked together - close to 20 people worked on our wedding for 45!

All that is left to say is a big THANK YOU! Our wedding was an important event in our lives and Richard made everything go according to plan and aligned with our desires! :)

Rodi & Omar Gil, Norwalk, CT

We cannot sing enough praise for Richard Weber and the fantastic job he did for our wedding weekend. When people ask us how our wedding went off, we have one word: PERFECT!

First off, some people thought we were nuts to plan a wedding in a place we had never been and put our trust in the hands of a complete stranger in less than 100 days. We honestly had a very simple vision of what we wanted our wedding to be like and Richard took our ideas, wants, and desires and made them fabulous. Before we even arrived to Cabarete he was able to point us in the direction of hotels for our guests in all budget categories and arrange airport pick-up for family traveling with children, which helped alleviate anxiety for people attending our wedding that were less savvy travelers.

We arrived in Cabarete and didn’t realize how windy the beach can be at times. It was my dream to walk down a sand aisle and Richard made it happen in a magnificent setting and still managed to keep us and our guests out of the wind! Did I mention he can work miracles?
Richard coordinated everything we needed from finding us a wonderful priest to dealing with the local police force to make sure our wedding went off without a hitch. The man can truly make anything happen. People are still talking about how amazing our wedding was and we could not agree more. Thank you Richard for making everything PERFECT! 

Jenn & Andy Zelenski, Madison, WI

It was such a very lovely event, and I can't begin to thank you for the hard work you put in.  I really appreciated everything.  Many people have said it was their favorite wedding, and I have to agree.

Amanda Morrobel & Ben Johns, Dallas, TX

Where do I start Richard… we’ll as you probably know you are absolutely AMAZING and we cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication with our wedding.  You and I went back and forth for months with color coded emails with all our additions, each in a different color… I think we actually burned through all the color options (not just in 1 email string, but many).  Needless to say it was fun sending you emails every night at 3am and waking up to check my inbox to see what new surprise and idea you had to help us create the wedding we always dreamed of.  We might have been in different time zones, but you were always so responsive and assisted me in every way possible (you were definitely never on island time, Ha).  You were upfront and always let me know if my visions were from another planet to ensure that Michael and I would not be disappointed with anything.  Even when I had a vision that wasn’t completely clear, you would tell me, “just bring me the stuff, I will make it happen, and you can sit on the balcony with a glass of champagne and oversee the process.”  And this is exactly what you did with the pergola.
Beautiful pergola with red roses
Wow… was it beautiful with the crystal chandelier and the crystal beading!  You created exactly what we wanted to make it so romantic and beautiful!  I guess this brings me to the actually wedding day and how much we need to thank you for that, but I have to touch on something that was so dear to my heart and made us love you even more, if that is possible.

Just 12 days before the wedding, I emailed you that my father was in a terrible accident and we were unsure what the status of the wedding was.  You come across many people in life and 90% would not have responded how you did.  You told me that you would defer your coordination fee and try to retain any unpaid deposits that you could (let’s be honest here… we both knew everything was 100% paid for, but you would have went out of your way to try to do anything you could to help us overcome this difficult time).  This is the difference where we knew how unbelievable you were and were so blessed to have you handling one of the most important days of our lives, as most wedding coordinators, might have told us we are S-O-L. 

Not having your dad walk you down the aisle is hard enough, but with the possibility of not having my mother there also was devastating.  When we arrived in DR, we were still unsure if my mother would be able to make it.  You, Michael, Dana and myself, worked on a game plan immediate on who would be escorting me down as a backup plan in case.  You cared so much and tried to make me feel so comfortable during this difficult time.

I have to say you are the most hands on coordinators I know.  You can ask Michael, but with planning events also, I have a very bad habit of not letting others assist me, as I feel like I have a vision and only I will be able to create.  Michael was surprised that not once did I step in to help or change anything (yes, bad habit, but I didn’t even think of doing this with you because you are unbelievable at your job)!  If you ever have a client that is unsure about what your final product will be, please send me an email with them and maybe I can help be your voice of reason because they have nothing to worry about and should just sit back and start drinking the champagne now.

And now for the wedding day!!!!  Well, I think it is safe to say that nothing went as planned, well maybe the dinner, but that of course had its disaster too.   I just watched your video and I can’t stop laughing!  Seeing the rainfall of what was really going on with Mother Nature that day is now pretty funny when you look back at it.  The thought that you actually were trying to make this work outside for us is astonishing now that I have seen and heard everything you went through that day and not once did I have a clue about anything.  Let me just give you a plug here:  Ladies, like every bride, we are extremely stressed on our wedding day with basics like hair, make up, will my husband to be like my wedding dress, etc., but if I had to deal with what Richard actually went through, I would have been drunk by the time I walked down the aisle from all the alcohol I needed to drink to calm myself down.

Disaster Recap and how Super Richard came to the rescue:

Mother Nature: 
So they say it is good luck on your wedding day if it rains, I say this is an old tale to not have your bride jump off the nearest balcony because her perfect day has now become her worst nightmare because everything is outside.  So Richard, how much luck should Michael and I have considering we had a tropical depression on ours?  My heart goes out to you and the countless hours of set up you did for the outside!  It got to a point where Michael and Dana actually wouldn’t let me go outside because it was one thing after the next.  It is absolutely priceless that you said “I am intentionally going to avoid the groom and bride because I don’t know what is going to happen with the weather.”  I don’t think anyone wanted to talk to me that day, Ha Ha.
As we were approaching 4pm and the weather was not going to clear up for the evening, you came down to our room and explained that we needed to make a decision, but you were still going to try to make everything work if you could.  I know you told my mom also that you just wanted everything to be exactly what I dreamed of and you were going to do anything in your power to make it happen. 

After discussing even if the rain did stop just for 30 minutes for the ceremony, we would still have to fix a million other issues, we decided to move the ceremony, cocktail reception, and dancing inside.  We made this decision solely on the face that I had a semi long train and water and lace is not a sexy combo.  During this decision, you said you would lay plastic bags to cover my walkway and Dana would have every blow dryer in The Palace out there drying the aisle, Wink Wink.

Moving this inside, solved 1 issue (the rain), but created many more.  After being heartbroken that we wouldn’t have our beautiful ceremony pictures on the cliff overlooking the ocean, I begged you to do 1 thing and that was move the already in place GORGEOUS pergola to our new location.

Pegola Relocation:
As fantastic as you are, you had told me earlier that once it is set we need to leave it where it is considering how much detail and how heavy it is.  I figured it was worth a shot and would beg you to move it and of course you did.  I DID NOT until Michael told me, realize the labor that was involved.  Let me just say I am sorry, but I am so happy you did move it because it was out of this world!  I understand now that it took 4 of you to partially disassemble it, carry it all the way around the villa because it would not fit through the doorway, and many additional hours to set it up.  You are the best!

Cocktail Reception Relocation:
So the cliff up the stairs after the ceremony, would have been a sight, but unfortunately it was out of our control.  After planning its new location inside, and with it being dark because we had to push everything back, I think it was a good choice.  The 5,000 rose petals scattered over the floor, were spectacular and made for great photo opps especially with the boys throwing them in the air. J

Dinner Tent Crash:
Ahhh so the famous tent drain crash, that I knew nothing about until the next day.  Man you are good with secrets and especially pressure.  So I had no idea that you built a drain between the two tents to make sure that we could still do our dinner in the beautiful, romantic, intimate tent we worked so hard to create and spent countless hours going back and forth on.  You knew this was so important to us that you got in your car (told me you were running out to grab some food) went to the hardware store and bought supplies to bridge the tents together and make a drain.  I had absolutely no idea that the drain crashed down during set up and there was a monsoon on our dinner table.  Yeah, good secret Richard!!!!

Wedding Cake Meltdown:
This one is awesome!  To be completely honest, I thought you were joking with us when we were taking pictures after the ceremony.  You couldn’t have picked a better time to drop that bomb!  I will never forget your words: “so guys we have another problem, you don’t have a wedding cake.”  What do you mean we don’t have a wedding cake (as I laugh because like I said, I thought you were joking with us)?  You tell us that our cake melted due to the humidity and the baker ran out in tears, but you did manage to save the top tier.  And this is what’s left…
Some cake
This cake was going to be a focal point for dinner, but it wasn’t much of a sight.  As the running joke goes, we spent all our money on the wedding and all we could afford was 1 tier J.  My heart honestly goes out the baker, I could only imagine how terrible she actually felt.  Please send her our regards and let her know we’ll be back for the other 2 tiers soon!

Here is to chapter 1 of my book about how fabulous you are!  Michael and I can’t wait to come back to DR, meet up, and grab some good food and drinks.  We are so happy to not only have had the pleasure of working with you, but to have you as a dear friend!

CHEERS to you, you are truly amazing at your job!

All the best,
Linds & Michael, Washington D.C.

Thanks to Richard Weber the wonderful 4TW: Dominican Wedding Planner for keeping it all together, and making Lindsay and Michael's wedding unforgettable.

Gene Kosoy Photography & SnapFiesta, San Francisco, CA & Dominican Republic

Check out Gene Kosoy's pics of Lindsay & Michael's wedding at Balaji Palace

My Beloved Wife and I cannot thank Richard enough.  Not only did he help make our wedding dream come true, but he made it come true with the pageantry and circumstance befitting My Bride. He helped shape our wedding into the day she DREAMED of having! 

After months of enduring the challenges of a long distance relationship, separated by more than 2,000 miles, and now faced with an upcoming military assignment to Afghanistan, my bride-to-be and I decided: we had to make this happen NOW!  We turned to Richard for help to not only orchestrate a beautiful wedding, but to also do so in a very short period of time. 

Richard patiently walked us through every detail and presented us with a wide range of options to meet our desires.  He assisted with everything from the documentation, to the finding the perfect source for the wedding dress, to coordinating the wedding official, to offering his observations of the restaurant options for our reception dinner. Richard's hand set the foundation for our entire ceremony. And again, it was the wonderful, beautiful ceremony My Beloved Wife deserved!      

Richard provided absolute FIRST-CLASS SERVICE, from start to finish, with spectacular results! He earned our confidence and our trust, and importantly, and gained our friendship for life! My Bride and I strongly recommend letting Richard help make YOUR special day as unforgettable as he made ours!  Richard , we thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Lt. Col. Elbert & Nelly Ross, Savannah, GA

Fue una excelente experiencia trabajar contigo y tu equipo para lograr el deseo de Ben y Amanda de tener su boda entre nosotros y dar un poco de nuestro sabor y calor humano a su familia norteamericana.  Pena que no tuvimos video de Hora Loca...pero creo que las fotos seran muy expresivas. Gracias extendidas a Yndhira, la cena de ensayo (Sosua Ocean Village) quedo muy bien.  La recomendacion de Jenni Vinas para maquillaje y peinado no pudo ser mejor.  Nehemias (guitarista clasica), sutil y adecuado,...Onno (DJ) con una buena seleccion de musica.  En fin algunos detalles que se pudieron opacar por la lluvia o que no se pudieron colocar talvez por las condiciones del tiempo, al fin no se notaron por el buen enlace que hiciste de los diferentes momentos, la buena vibra del ambiente y la excelente camaraderia entre todos los amigos y se puede pedir mas.

Un abrazo fuerte y gracias especiales a Sandy por ofrecernos sus excelentes desayunos en Claro con buena calidad y mucha calidez!!!

Fatima Alvarado & Miguel Morrobel (Padres de la Novia), Santo Domingo, D.N.

We owe a huge thank you to our wedding planner, Rich Weber, who not only coordinated the last minute switch in venue, but went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that the wedding was as amazing as it was.  This included his cutthroat negotiations with the Dominican police, who sought to shut down the party prematurely.  Rather than let the festivities end, Rich gifted half of the roasted pig to the officers enabling us to continue into the wee hours of the morning.  As a thank you to him, it would be lovely if you could "like" him on facebook, and add any comments that you so desire.  His facebook page can be found at the link below:

Eli & Lee Evans, New York, New York

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you did for Lee & Eli to make their wedding such a wonderful event. You definitely did an excellent job. The change of venue turned out to be spectacular, the food was delicious, the cigar man was cool, the alcohol flowed freely and other than my momentarily missing 18 year old the entire night was a blast. It was a wedding that no one in this family will ever forget. Thank you again for everything.

Amy Forrester, Washington D.C.

A month after the wedding we keep hearing so much buzz about how awesome our wedding was and what a rockstar you were in the background!  We can’t thank you enough for making our special day absolutely perfect and so easy to enjoy. With you at the helm we could just relax and experience all the magic in the best, worry-free way.  On top of knowing more than anyone else about the amazing possibilities that the Dominican Republic has to offer for a wedding, you aptly guided and empowered us to create an event all our own that surpassed and exceeded our expectations on every level- and even met our budget too!  From your stylish set up and decoration accents to your handy first aid kit, you were uber-prepared for, solved, and averted every possible complication that a destination wedding with nearly 100 guests could present.  We simply could not have pulled this off without you and your expertise.  Thanks a million for an incredibly gorgeous and unforgettable celebration.  Saludos y cariño.

Suzy & Polo Velit, Washington D.C.

A special thanks to Richard from 4TW. It was a privilege working with you and I truly hope to do it again! Thanks for keeping me informed and being so accomodating. You are incredibly talented and put on a beautiful event!

Dani Leigh Photography, Washington D.C.

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It was a pleasure working with you. I must say I was really impressed by how approachable you were the entire weekend, giving your personal attention to each, even while everyone (myself included) kept pulling you aside at nearly the same time.

Kevin Archibald, Founder Archibald Films, San Francisco, California

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So now that we have all the paperwork its like we're officially married, lol! Yea! We can't thank you enough for all the work you did for our wedding, it really was incredible - and exactly the way we wanted it, you did a fantastic job! We loved Cabarete so hopefully we will make another trip there soon. When we do, we'll look you up!

Christine Van Boxtel & Luk Czerwonka, Dayton, Ohio

Mary and I want to thank you for planning a FANTASTIC wedding for us in Cabarete. It seemed like you could read our minds. Every suggestion you made was a great one. You made our time in the DR terrific by setting us up with a great restaurant (Miros) for the wedding supper, a super photographer (Karina Jensen), a fantastic vidieo crew (Grupofilmico), the musician for the beach wedding (Cornelio), not to mention the site itself, all great.

Also the boat ride up the Yassica river afterwards was loved by everyone. And we definitely cannot forgot the helocopter ride; another great idea. I was not sure we wanted to do that, but looking back now I would be kicking myself if we had not done it. Mary had never been up in a copter before and it was a breathtaking suprise. She loved it! The view of Cabarete and the beach with all the kiteboarders and windsurfers was awesome. Mary and her sister had a great time at the spa in Playa Dorada.

You jumped right in on short notice and offered to help us with the legal paperwork weather we had you plan or not. You helped us in so many ways other than the wedding it was amazing (the touristy things). We recommend you to everyone that is thinking about a wedding in the DR. Cabarete is a fantastic place and we will be back to enjoy all the things the area has to offer that we didn't have time for the first time and do again the things we loved.

We do not know what we would of done with out you! Our wedding would not have been the perffect dream wedding any other way. Thank you Richard for a great wedding and all your help.  

John & Mary Kluzak, Mandan, North Dakota

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Just wanted to tell you that you helped Ben and Betty put together a BEAUTIFUL wedding celebration in Sosua and Cabarete.  The wedding location, view, band and delicious meal made it most memorable.  We had a wonderful time and look forward to returning sometime.  Loved the day at Playa Grande as well and had delicious food there, too.  That's a beautiful spot.

We were the couple who took one of the later shuttle rides back to Velelero (but not the last!!) and appreciated being taken home when we were ready to call it a night.  Thanks for all your help and attention.

~Cornelia and Larry Atkins (Guests), Washington, D.C.

I never got a chance to say good bye. It is not easy getting five people packed and organized on time, especially when all I wanted to do was dig my heels into the ground, wrap my arms around a tree and dare anyone to pry fingers loose. I am so sad today wishing I could just have one more day but alas back to the grind.

Thank you for all of your assistance, you are amazing! I can't stop talking about you and how well you do your thing. You should seriously have your own reality show! We appreciate how seamless everything went, your soothing demeanor and your infinite knowledge and hookups, I wonder ... do you only plan in Cabarete/Sosua or do you venture out?

~Maribel Padilla (Matron of Honor), New York, New York

I just wanted to say that the buzz around Nicole's crew is that it was the best wedding they were ever at. It was a really great wedding and I thought you should know that you are one kick-ass wedding planner :)

~Christal Earle, Co-Founder and Chief Spokesperson, Ontario Canada

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have a destination wedding...but lo and behold, I fell in love with a Dominican!  The first thing you need to find when planning a destination wedding is a wedding planner, thankfully, my good friend Richard was exactly that!  Now, whether he is already a friend or a complete stranger, rest assured that Richard will not let any detail be overlooked!  From lunch delivered to the villa where the girls were getting ready, to our names and wedding date on the transportation for the guests to the wedding...everything was completed with the personal touch.  We even had a pod of whales swim by, now, I'm not sure Richard had anything to do with that, but considering the day he put together for us....I wouldn't be surprised if he did!   To give you an example of his attention to detail...I had one of his staff who's sole job was to be within 3 steps of me in order to fulfill any of my needs!
If you are planning a wedding in the Dominican Republic Richard is your guy!

~Nicole & Emmanuel Ventura, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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I’m still processing just how incredible the whole week was.  I’m sure you here this a lot, but everyone who was there was blown away by your work.  And they all really loved hanging out with you as well.  (watch out, some of the Dominican cougars love you a bit too much)…seriously though, I can’t thank you enough.  I’m sorry for being a pain in the neck with mundane requests that had nothing to do with the wedding all week long, but your help with the little things made everyone feel totally comfortable and at home.  It sounds horribly cliché, but it really was the best week of my life.  Thanks for becoming a part of the Copadilla clan and at the same time being the only member of the fam with their head on straight enough to make sure the whole thing came off without a hitch...What I've been wanting to articulate, and Yndhira should know this too, is that you guys not only helped make another wedding week wonderful, but you also helped strengthen and build a family. And you made a woman who has been through hell and back and given everything, every waking moment in service of others the happiest woman on Earth for that week. Thanks again so much. I can't tell you how much it meant to us.

~Ben & Betty (Cope/Padilla) Copadilla, New York, New York

When Carly  started thinking of having a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, I must admit I was extremely concerned about how we would be able to pull this wedding together. Carly was living in Chicago, I was living in Connecticut and the wedding location was going to be in the Dominican Republic.  To complicate matters more, rather than using the usual hotel venue, we wanted to use a development of private homes (Sea-Horse-Ranch in Sosua) and their private restaurant.   None of us knew if Sea Horse Ranch could accommodate the needs of a wedding as well as the hosting of all of our guests. The logistics of getting all of the necessary wedding paraphernalia on an island location and on time seemed like an overwhelming task. 

One year before the wedding, Carly and I made a trip to the Dominican Republic to see if this plan was even possible.  We scheduled meetings during our visit with many suppliers that Sea Horse Ranch recommended and luckily we also scheduled a meeting with you to discuss using your services.   From our first meeting, both Carly and I knew that you were up to the task.  You listened carefully to our requests and wishes and then proceeded to ask the right questions as to how to help and how to organize our plan.  You were totally unfazed by sometimes bizarre requests and made everything seem possible.    You were always helpful suggesting extremely talented professionals to use for the various services but were equally gracious to use services we had gotten from our sources at Sea Horse Ranch or on our own.  All of your recommendations for music etc. were excellent, were fairly priced, punctual and were a pleasure to have as part of the wedding.  You were able to give honest opinions without insulting anyone as well as letting us know when we really didn’t need to spend the money or time on something.  Your advice was always correct!  Amazing.  I particularly found it very reassuring, when you suggested that I look on line at a Los Angeles, California party planner’s website for ideas.  Coincidently, it was the very planner that we had used for one of our other daughter’s weddings 6 months earlier.  Clearly, we had a connection.

My only regret is that I didn’t hand off more of the planning to you one year ago.  You are extremely talented. I trust your design sense and your organizational skills.  You made the actual wedding day very easy for me.  I was a completely relaxed Mother of the Bride because I knew that I had someone I could trust orchestrating everything for me.

Thank you so very much for making Carly’s and Seth’s wedding perfect in every way.

~Joan Nemirow (Mother of the Bride), Joan Nemirow Designs, Westport, Connecticut

REAL WEDDING Featured on Wedding Yentas!

If you are reading this, chances are that you are about to make the most important decision about your wedding, and that is to pick the Wedding Planner.  Let us make that very easy for you, if you are planning to have your wedding in Dominican Republic then don't waste any more time and anxiety in making this decision, Richard is your man!  Are we being a bit biased, you better believe it!  After he helped us pull a PERFECT wedding in just 8 weeks;  we can't be any other way.  It's important to mention how this wedding was really planned.  We are both from NYC and decided to put our full trust in Richard to handle all the details in another country, and by use of only emails and phone calls.  Richard sent all the information and pictures to help us make the major decisions but we didn't have enough time to get too much into the details.   From the minute we walked off the plane in DR, Richard was literary there to hold our hands and take care of our every request to the last minutes that we left.  We never realized how difficult and stressful planning a wedding would be and thanks to Richard we really didn't have too much to worry about.  Needless to say, our wedding turned out to be beyond what we could have possibly imagined.  It was just beautiful and turned out to be one of the best and most memorable weddings that we, or any of our guests, had ever attended.   As customized as our ceremony was, it turned out exactly the way we wanted it to be.  The reception was out of this world.  And the Dinner looked like something you can only see in a movie.  And here is the amazing part, we really had no idea about how it would all look like since, as I mentioned, we chose to trust Richard with the details.  So for example we didn't know exactly how the chairs would look like, or how the center-pieces for dinner tables would be done, and we had no idea who the vendors and suppliers to our wedding would be.  In fact, Richard just asked us what is your budget and we left the rest to him, and he came through like a champ.

While we are at it, allow us to touch on a sensitive topic.  To most people the budget is of concern, as it’s a reality of any wedding.  We are really not sure if Richard was the least or most expensive wedding planner in DR, but we know one thing for sure, that he always made sure he knew what his budget range was, and never went over it without our direct consent.  Our options were always clear to us at different price levels and he consistently delivered beyond what our expectations were.  By the time it was all said and done, we felt that it was truly worth every single penny and much MORE! 

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU Richard and the many great people that you brought together to deliver a DREAM!

-Kameron & Julia Hadavi, New York, New York

I cannot speak highly enough of Richard and his team. We decided to get married in the Dominican Republic, and as my family are from England and my wife's family are from Australia, many of our friends are in USA, and we were living in Chile, it was a truly global wedding. When we do something, we like to do it as well as it can possibly be done, so a good wedding planner was essential. Richard was exactly what we hoped for.

During the planning, we had many ideas of what we wanted, none of which were a problem for Richard to organize. The helicopter from the house we were staying at to the beach, the stunning location of the ceremony (watch out for the dogs), the fireworks, the british style roast beef dinner, the cake with penguins on an iceberg (I proposed in Antarctica), the activities during the week before and after the wedding, the VIP reception at the airport, the 2 bands. All of it was organized perfectly and all we had to do was tell Richard what we wanted it and it was done. He also came up with plenty of suggestions of his own and we tended to agree to all of them.

There were many other small touches that we didn't expect: All of our transport during the week had our names and the wedding date emblazoned on the side, the appetizers before the meal looked incredible, he even managed to get the rain to hold off until after the fireworks.

It ended up being a week that 60 people will never ever forget. Everyone keeps telling us they wish they were still there, and can we do it all again.

If you are thinking of a destination wedding, I whole-heartedly recommend Dominican Republic and Richard Weber.

-Mark & Diane Thompson, Verbenas, Chile

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Do you want someone else to do all this legwork for you so you can just show up and have it all happen? Richard Weber... can make your dream wedding happen in the tropics. Dream big; it’s okay. Richard is a miracle worker who uses all his Dominican Republic knowledge and contacts to get the job done so you can have all of the memories but none of the headaches.

-Ana Chavier Caamaño, Moon Dominican Republic Travel Guide, 4th edition

It was with great hope and expectation that Emily and I chose to get married in the Dominican.  All we wanted was an idyllic wedding in a beautiful setting that our friends would enjoy and where our not-so-well-travelled families would be happy and comfortable.  To say that our expectations were exceeded would be an understatement.  Richard and his staff managed to pull off our welcome dinner, ceremony and reception flawlessly and were invaluable in our planning and decision making.  Our families were thrilled with the service they were provided, our friends enjoyed themselves completely, and we didn’t have to worry about a single thing.  Cabarete is a wonderful town, the Dominicans were amazing, and every detail of all three events was executed perfectly.  We truly could not have asked for more!

Thank you Richard and 4TW for the greatest week of our lives and the best wedding ever!

- Phillip & Emily Ring, Aspen, Colorado

Richard you did everything my daughter expected of you. I, as a Dad, appreciated everything and the attention to  detail that you provided. Furthermore, I found you to be thoroughly professional and a very nice person. If I can ever reciprocate or render you a service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

-Alex Cote (Father of the Bride), Lakeside Lodge on Long Lake, Sinclair, Maine

For those of you who are unsure if it is necessary to acquire the services that Richard Weber offers, or if you are skeptical of the services….please read my testimonial. I fell in love with a man who lives in the Dominican and we wanted to get married, sounds simple …not at all. Hours and hours of time on the computer & phone calls & still frustrated…somehow I came across 4TW’s website, read it and decided to call and see what they had to say. Instantly I felt a sense of relief and cried while talking to Richard Weber, he seemed too good to be true.  He may not know it but we did our footwork & checked him & the company out in everyway possible with many connections we had, all was well.  Still when you are sending money across the world you need to be sure.  So after we did this I signed the contract with him and will forever be grateful for all he did for us.

I refer to Richard Weber as my “ANGEL”. Everything this man will promise you he will do, from the smallest of details to the most important of issues.  He followed through with everything and always went an extra mile. I was able to relax and enjoy the day and feel taken care of. He has a heart of gold and is an amazing person to work with. Richard’s knowledge of the industry and personal connections was impressive. From the first phone call to the end of the evening on my wedding night and then even assisted us at a later date with documentation for immigration (above and beyond). Richard was there for our whole family’s every need. Before you can even ask he has an answer or a suggestion.

A wedding can be a lot of money; Richard respected my budget and worked within it. Our day was more amazing than I had imagined. It was warm and about Family and you could feel the love surrounded by the beautiful atmosphere he created for us all. If you are thinking about the expense of a wedding and wondering if this service is necessary…please TRUST me you can not put a price on being able to relax and enjoy your day without stress. A wedding is also about the preparation before hand. No one wants to be stressed out for months before. You should enjoy all of the planning as well. I was able to do this because of 4TW and Richard. The service is Priceless in my opinion. He showed my husband, myself, our family and friends so much caring and respect through the whole process. I actually love the guy now…lol. He has an amazing sense of humor too. I hope those who take the time to read this trust my words and get the wonderful opportunity work with Richard Weber. Indulge, relax from beginning to end and trust this man and company as I did.

- Wanda & Weriton Novas, Alberta, Canada

We cannot begin to thank you about how well our wedding went this weekend. You made our wonderful wedding come true. We could have never done it with out you. From the first moment I reached out, you were amazing at catering to all of our needs. I do not think our wedding would be so successful with your help. Our guests enjoyed every aspects of your teams beach set up with the classical guitarist along with our parakeets. The reception decoration and set was great and thank you for getting that 14 foot trampoline for my husband wedding gift. Much love to you and your team for all of your help.

- Sheena & Johnathon Epps, New York, New York

Every couple worries about their wedding and wants to ensure a great day. The concern is heightened when planning a destination wedding from a distance. Without a doubt, Richard removed fears we had during the planning phases and ensured that the wedding day went off perfectly....There was not a request that could not be accommodated, from having our guests picked up at the airport, to arranging events and dinners on the Thursday and Friday before the wedding. We never heard the word, “no” and all of our requirements were fulfilled....The day of the wedding, we were able to relax and have an amazing day. Richard took care of all the details, was incredibly organized, and allowed us to enjoy the day, worry free... we largely credit Richard and the folks at 4TW for ensuring our wedding was an incredible experience.

- Katie & Brian Peters, Washington D.C.

Richard and crew provide for an Extraordinary experience. They are quality professional accommodating miracle workers. Their meticulous attention to detail had us, the hosts of two events, feel like guests. As amateur event planners and mother and father of the groom it was a privilege to work with the crew. You are truly EXTRAORDINARY in every way. Thank you for a wonderful "Welcome Party" and "Rehearsal Dinner" at our "Hidden Splendor" wedding for Alex and Nadia in December.

- Charlee and Alex Sutton (Parents of the Groom), New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Working with your gave me so much piece of mind because you answered all my questions and thought of many things that were not on my radar. I could rely on your knowledge, contacts and the abilities gained over many years of working in Cabarete. It was such a pleasure to have you as a resource person, to make sure that Summer's wedding and reception went along smoothly. I am so glad that you suggested the tropical Bird of Paradise for the wedding. The splash of color was just the touch that was needed. So many people commented on how beautiful the flowers were. You made sure that we ran though mentally, minute by minute, the events of the day and then ran through everything beforehand in rehearsals. Your suggestions of having some key friends to help direct people and answer questions, placement of the guest book and PA equipment, servers for the drinks, was oh, so helpful. I would use you again in a heartbeat and you were worth your weight in gold.

- Jeannie Dietrich (Mother of the Bride), Seattle, Washington

Richard Weber and his staff at 4TW helped us translate our vision of our dream wedding into a reality. From our initial meeting we found them to be the most organized planners we had met - and at that point we had met quite a few. Most impressive was that their number 1 concern was ensuring that we fulfilled the vision for our wedding whether or not they were involved. They delivered 110% on their promises allowing us and our guests to enjoy the greatest wedding we've ever experienced. We invite anyone to top it! Planning your destination wedding can have its challenges, mostly because you are not local and give up a level of control versus planning a traditional wedding. Richard and his 4TW staff served as our advocates (our voice) and executed with incredible competence. Throughout our planning process Richard and his 4TW staff were highly accessible and responsive to all of our requests and needs - no matter how wild. They even helped us come up with creative ideas to stay within our budget while maximizing our experience - from the location, flowers, wedding transport, etc. We could not have dreamed of a better, more memorable day.

- Alex & Nadia Sutton, New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Our Dominican Wedding was …perfect. And we have 4TW to thank for having every possible hiccup avoided, every bump smoothed out and doing it all with wit and grace. I’m sure every couple gushes about their big day, but truly this was something special. We had 70 (!) of our closest family and friends make the journey from England and Canada so we wanted to have a few other organized events to hang out and have everyone get to know each other. 4TW helped (read: did everything) plan not only our wedding day, but 2 other events. A river ride down to la Boca with a beach Bar-B-Q, music, amazing food and Coconut rum drinks abounding. We also had a ‘Dominican night’ for our rehearsal party at this great little place in the Callejon: again music, food and drinks made for a really good time. Our guests are still raving about it all….. again, a testament to Richard and his crew’s hard work. And the wedding day itself was ….perfect. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing. Would I recommend a Dominican Wedding? Absolutely. Would I recommend 4TW to help? It couldn’t have happened any other way.

- Julianne & Stuart Simmonds, Alberta, Canada

Boy did we luck out when we were introduced to Richard this past February in Cabarete. My husband and I were frantically making final arrangements for our wedding in April when we realized that we needed help. A friend introduced us to Richard and he truly saved our wedding. From the beginning, Richard was incredibly professional. He was highly organized and efficient. He knew the right questions to ask and made things happen for us. His rates were affordable and most importantly, I felt as if I could trust him to make the right decisions when I needed them to be made without me. The week of the wedding, Richard entered the dynamics of two families blending for the first time and created a sense of stability with his innate talent for making people feel comfortable. He managed all of the details with ease and precision. His expertise in all things Dominican ensured an authentic, beautiful and trustworthy experience in Cabarete. We were definitely put at ease knowing Richard was in charge and our families are forever grateful.

- Jerry & Teri Joseph, New York, New York

Rich and his company 4TW, were amazing!!!! If you need something done in Dominican, this is man to do it!!!! He has the connections and for a 3rd world country where things are seldom done on time, this was not the case. He organized part of my wedding, the ceremony, and the pre-rehearsal dinner. For starters he did a lot of legwork from taking photos of potential sites for the wedding to booking the judge to dealing with my father over a lot of specific requests, allergies and vegans. And in the process of organizing all this he became a father and still continued to honor his word of organizing our wedding. My father’s rehearsal dinner was fantastic and I am quite picky about food. The function was what I would expect from a high-end restaurant in Canada. People are still talking about the coconut shrimp and what was in the sauce? Yummy! Go for the bar tender if asked, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. Rich’s recommendations made everything go smoother and couldn’t have asked for a better person to deal with. We had a tropical storm creep up on us the morning of the wedding and Rich went above and beyond what was expected. First of all, I had vetoed the tent, with out hesitation he called us that morning and we had two tents set up and in place that day for the wedding, what a lifesaver! I don’t think that could have been possible in Canada never mind the Dominican. Also Rich had organized a family trip to Sosua to visit the Jewish community, kind of an historical tour. He arranged an air-conditioned bus and a fantastic Dominican meal. It was a nice alternative to the beach atmosphere. I actually had a couple tears at Edith’s speech of how her family came to the Dominican and their struggle, what a moving experience.

- Jackie and Marvin Goldbloom, Whistler, Canada

Our many thanks to Richard for his creative ideas and help with organizing our wedding. Even though we have spent 15 years on and off in Cabarete we could not have pulled off our 80 person event without him! Rich was able to help organize everything from catering, party rentals, transportation to DJs. He was always in “the know” and could make things happen with just a phone call. His outgoing personality, humor and professionalism made him a pleasure to work with!!! Thanks again for making our wedding truly the best day of our lives!

- Jill & Ben Meyer, Maui, Hawaii

Thank you to you and your team for being a critical part of making our wedding a huge success. Your many suggestions of activities were much appreciated. And your ability to change directions in a few hours when the weather made the river trip impossible was impressive. Clearly only somebody with intimate knowledge of the North Coast would be able to hook us up with such a great event so quickly. Half of our wedding party is thinking of settling in the DR because of the way you showcased it.

- Ace Bailey & Jennifer Tuvell, Banff, Alberta


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